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METAGRAF has changed. From the first alfa released one year ago to the present version there is a big step. We, J.J.Arribas & S.Muelas, are proud of the work done and the result obtained. Nevertheless, every time we put something new in the program, we think of a lot of other things that would be convenient. So, and owing to the fact that MG's license is GPL, we have created a CVS repository in Source Forge where we hope to receive the help that, up to this moment, we haven't had.

A first look

The release that we hereby present, is the last one launched on the 2nd of August 2001.

As it is our first time in a place like SourceForge, it will take a few days to understand all the "internals" of the system, so please be patient as it is sure that in the long term it will be a lot better to have our place here where anyone can collaborate and control the last improvements done to the already quite strong METAGRAF.

Anyway, until everything will be in order here, the up-to-now well known METAGRAF's Page will continue its activity, and before changing definitely here, we will announce it with time enough for everyone.

Thank you for your patience and don't forget that in a few days MG's place will be really happy to have new developers and/or collaborators.

Finally, let's say that a page with a short description of MG's last capabilities can be seen from here.